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Heuer Camaro GP/SS Case 2 register chronograph 1960's

Considered one of the unsung heroes of vintage Heuer chronographs, the Camaro had a relatively short production lifespan from 1968 to 1972. Ushering in more contemporary and less traditional designs of the early ‘70s, the Camaro was the first to experiment with a unique rectangular case with concave sides. Affectionately named after the Chevrolet Camaro, a car which pioneered compact designs to decrease weight and increase speed, thus rendering this model by Chevrolet revolutionary in the eyes of automobile enthusiasts. This sentiment, coupled with Jack Heuer’s desire to expand into the American market, led to the Heuer Camaro’s creation. The watch is still adored in the present day, celebrated as one of the most dynamic releases of Heuer’s golden age- combining classic ‘60s designs with the emerging spirit of the early ‘70s. This particular 73345 reference is rarely encountered, its most prominent feature being its gold-plated case which contrasts beautifully with the luscious black dial. Polished gold hands with black and luminous inserts stand prominently against the deep hue of the dial, highlighting the dial’s constituents clearly. Measuring at a standard 37mm, this piece sits comfortably on the wrist. Slightly larger than its sister model, the Carrera, this Camaro carries with it a distinct prominence yet its rich combination of black and gold offers a classical look. In perfect working order from a recent service, this Camaro 73345 is ready to continue its life on a new wrist.

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