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Corum 24K/18K Solid Yellow Gold 15 Gram Ingot 999.9 Mechanical Men's Watch

We are excited to present for sale an awesome Corum 15 Gram Ingot Wristwatch with Mechanical Hand-Winding Movement for Men Reference is 55400. Corum Ingot watches were made in the 1970-80s by using a 24K pure gold ingot plaque as the dial. The ingots were all stamped by Union Bank of Switzerland or commonly known as UBS. Thus the watch has the added solid gold weight and the overall design is highly luxurious. This particular specimen is really wonderful as it is the largest of 4 sizes made for Ingot watches at 15 grams and it comes with mechanical hand wind movement. The watch is highly luxurious that even the crown has a diamond set in with pavilion sticking out. Condition-wise the watch is running well but we cannot guarantee timekeeping accuracy or longevity as we don't know its service history. Cosmetically the watch is very clean except for the occasional scratch to the highly polished case. It really doesn’t get better than this as the original set is very rarely available with the watch. It also has ORIGINAL CORUM STRAP/BUCKLE. Dimension is 24x40mm.

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